Food Forward by David Foerstner helps food companies increase market share through the launch of new products, and increase sales of both new and existing products through development and incorporation of consumer recipes into written communications including product labels, press releases, brochures and magazine articles.

He specializes in foods that emphasize the highest quality ingredients for both product development and consumer recipes. His foods reflect the most current trends - encompassing nutritious, healthful eating, and decadent indulgences, while recognizing that superior quality food and ingredients never go out of style.

Foerstner's career spans over 25 years of Research & Development experience in the food industry, five years private consulting, five years of R&D management and six years of sales team experience. Work on sterilized culinary products, functional dry blends, acid controlled sauce products, salad dressings, flavor base products and desserts. Skilled in retail, industrial, manufacturing and food service markets.

Recently certified in “Better Process Control” for thermally processed products.

Won grand prize in 2001 International Dairy, Deli and Bakery Show (IDDBA) for formulation of Lulu’s Dessert “Premium Baked Flan” product. Beat 500 other new products from 150 retail food manufacturers in all categories.

Developed applications for Empire Foods, a garlic and onion grower and dehydrator. Empire was awarded a contract from Best Foods (IFS) for potato chip seasoning application for Frito Lay. Initial order was two truckloads of sweet onion powder.

Certified HACCP Coordinator by the California Food and Drug Branch. Developed GMP’s, SSOP’s and HACCP plan for Lulu’s Dessert. This work helped Lulu’s pass a Wal-Mart audit after previously being eliminated from vendor consideration for lack of food manufacturing processes. Currently working on developing quality systems for San Diego seafood restaurant chain. Anthony’s Seafood is currently rolling out with a retail product line in local markets. Currently training several other company’s in HACCP.

Worked on soy based desserts landed Mirage Fine Foods retail contract with Ralph’s and Sysco for Frozen Chocolate Mousse.

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